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Whisky Distilleries in the Oban Area

Argyll and the Isles are famous for producing some of the best whisky in the world. There are numerous distilleries within easy travelling distance of the Manor House and all run tours where you can see the whisky being made and sample a dram.

Our own Oban distillery is but a short walk from the Manor House. Tobermory is a lovely day trip. Take the 9:45 sailing to Craignure and plan to return on the 17:00 for dinner at the Manor House.

If you are up for a real adventure, we can make arrangements with Coastal Connections for a day excursion in a high speed boat to Islay and back.

Oban and Mull Distilleries

Oban Distillery:

About Oban Distillery: Established in 1794 a few years after the Manor House, Oban Distillery is located in the heart of Oban. It is one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland with only 2 stills.
About Oban Whisky: Oban whisky is balanced and smooth and tastes somewhere in between the peaty, smoky island whiskies and the light, sweet tasting Highland malts.
Oban Distillery Tours: Tours of Oban Distillery are available throughout the year. Tours end with a tasting of Oban 14 year old West Highland Malt whisky and a visit to the Visitor Centre. Booking in advance is advisable. Tours cost £7 per person.

Tobermory Distillery:

About Tobermory Distillery: Founded in 1798, Tobermory Distillery is the only distillery on the Isle of Mull and situated in the picturesque village of Tobermory.
About Tobermory Whisky: The Tobermory Single Malt is unpeated, fruity and medium-bodied with a smooth texture. Ledaig, also produced at the distillery, is heavily peated and sweet with bold flavours.
Tobermory Distillery Tours: Tours of Tobermory Distillery are available 7 days a week throughout the year. Tours last 45 minutes and should be booked in advance as spaces are limited. Tours cost £6 per person.

Islay and Jura Distilleries

Ardbeg Distillery:

About Ardbeg Distillery: Ardbeg is a small distillery (2 stills) on Islay’s south coast and has been producing whisky since 1798.
About Ardbeg Whisky: Ardbeg is one of the peatiest malts produced on Islay and is very smoky and complex with fruity flavours.
Ardbeg Distillery Tours: Tours of Ardbeg Distillery operate throughout the year although Saturday are only available April 13th to October and Sunday tours from April 14th to September. Pre-booking is advisable as there is a maximum of 10 per group. The distillery also has a Visitor Centre.

Bowmore Distillery:

About Bowmore Distillery: Bowmore Distillery at the south east of Islay is one of the oldest in Scotland, established in 1779. It is one of only a few Scottish distilleries that still has a traditional floor malting.
About Bowmore Whisky: Bowmore malt whisky has a distinctly smoky, peaty flavour mixed with the brininess of the sea.
Bowmore Distillery Tours: Bowmore Distillery tours are available all year round. Various tours are available: Standard tours at £6 per person, Tasting Sessions at £20 per person and the Craftsmans’ Tour (£55 per person) or single malt aficionados when you can visit the No.1 Vaults partake of some very high end Bowmore whisky. The distillery also has a Visitor Centre.

Bruichladdich Distillery:

About Bruichladdich Distillery: Built in 1881, Bruichladdich Distillery in the north of Islay also produces gin as well as single malt whisky. The original Victorian and renovated equipment remains intact and the distillers still use traditional distilling methods that are not run by computers.
About Bruichladdich Whisky: Unpeated and gently smokey, Bruichladdich single malt is well balanced with floral, sweet and briny flavours.
Bruichladdich Distillery Tours: Bruichladdich Distillery operates distillery tours and a Warehouse Experience. Distillery tours cost £5 per person (redeemable against bottle of whisky or gin) and includes a dram at the end of the tour. the Warehouse Experience is £25 per person and includes the standard distillery tour and whacky tasting from three casks. The distillery also has a shop.

Bunnahabhain Distillery:

About Bunnahabhain Distillery: Founded in 1881, Bunnahabhain Distillery is the most northerly of Islay’s distilleries.
About Bunnahabhain Whisky: Bunnahabhain is one of Islay’s more restrained malts with a mild and smooth, light, peaty flavour and a full-bodied, lingering finish.
Bunnahabhain Distillery Tours: There are a variety of tours of Bunnahabhain Distillery are available Monday to Friday and are by appointment only. Tours start from £6 per person and are of various lengths and types of Bunnahabhain tastings. All tour visitors get a £5 reward voucher to redeem in the distillery shop.

Caol Ila Distillery:

About Caol Ila Distillery: Pronounced “cul eela”, Caol Ila Distillery was founded in 1846 overlooking the Isle of Jura. It is Islay’s largest distillery and produces more whisky than any other distillery on the island.
About Caol Ila Whisky: Caol Ila is one of Islay’s smoother, lighter bodied malts which is light on peatiness and smokiness.
Caol Ila Distillery Tours: Tours of Caol Ila Distillery run throughout the year 7 days a week although there are no Sunday tours between November and February. The Standard Tour is £6 per person and includes tastings, a complimentary glass and voucher to redeem against a 70cl bottle of single malt whisky. The Premium Tasting tour costs £23 per person and has 5 tastings as well as the complimentary glass and voucher.

Kilchoman Distillery:

About Kilchoman Distillery: Situated on a farm on Islay’s west coast, Kilchoman is one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland and the newest distillery on Islay. The distillery grows its own barley and is one of only a few that practices floor malting.
About Kilchoman Whisky: Kilchoman’s main expression is Machir Bay which is a well-balanced malt with a sweet fruity, smokey, peaty flavour.
Kilchoman Distillery Tours: Tours of Kilchoman Distillery run throughout the year except in January. The standard tour costs £6, Tutored Tasting (£10) which includes tasting of all the Kilchoman expressions, the Manager’s Tour (Monday only / £30) including tasting straight from the cask, and the Premium Tour which costs £15 and consists of a tour of the distillery and Tutored Tasting.

Lagavulin Distillery:

About Lagavulin Distillery: Lagavulin Distillery was built in 1816 and sits at the south end of Islay. It is one of the three Kildalton distilleries along with Laphroaig and Ardbeg.
About Lagavulin Whisky: Lagavulin’s standard single malt is 16 years old and is known for being very robust with strong, smoky peat and fruit flavours with a lingering finish of sea salt and iodine.
Lagavulin Distillery Tours: Tours of Lagavulin Distillery run throughout the year. There are three tours; Warehouse Demonstration, Standard Tour and Premium Tour which should be booked in advance.

Laphroaig Distillery:

About Laphroaig Distillery: Laphroaig Distillery (pronounced la-froyg) was founded in 1815 on the south coast of Islay.
About Laphroaig Whisky: The only whisky to carry Royal Warrant of HRH, Prince of Wales, Laphroaig is a very rich single malt and has very strong peat smoke and maritime flavours.
Laphroaig Distillery Tours: Tours of Laphroaig Distillery operate all year round. Standard tours cost £6, last about 1 hour and include a commemorative Laphroaig glass. The distillery’s Luxury Visit Program includes Flavour Tasting of 3 drams (£14 / tour not included), Premium Tasting of 4 expressions (£25 / tour not included), Distillers Wares (£52) which includes a distillery tour tasting straight from the cask and bottling from your favourite cask, Water to Whisky Experience (£82) which includes a visit to the distilleries water source, picnic with a dram, peat cutting, tasting from the casks and bottling your own whisky.

Jura Distillery:

About Jura Distillery: As the name suggests, Jura Distillery is on the Isle of Jura in the Inner Hebrides. It opened in 1810 and after falling into disrepair was renovated in the 1960s including installing very tall stills.
About Jura Whisky: The tall stills at Jura Distillery creates very distinctive whiskies which are well balanced, rich and smoky and very drinkable.
Jura Distillery Tours: Jura Distillery tours run throughout the year. Between April to October there are no tours on a Sunday and between October to April there are no weekend tours. Tours must be booked in advance between October and April. Standard tours are free of charge.

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